Design Partners: Project 810 (Interior Architects), Ankita Mukherjee (Graphic Design)

Highlight: The first plant-based restaurant chain in India, expanding nationally, and recognized as a sustainable living pioneer.

Brand Infinity Modules used: Tomorrow Business, Tomorrow Product, Tomorrow Living

GREENR is a business initiative primarily targeting India’s millennials to help live healthier and more sustainable lives. It was conceptualized by the Earthwise Group which continues to play a leading role in brand and product development as well as communications. It is the first urban plant-based restaurant chain in the country and will eventually utilize this infrastructure to upsell consumer products. As an authority on food and health in the country, we will soon launch a content marketing vertical as well. As the Indian economy prepares for its major growth phase, GREENR is poised to fulfill the aspirations of hundreds of millions of middle class customers, introducing India to the most positive health and sustainability food innovations of the West.